Friday, 25 March 2011

Believe it or not, I was able To Read Content from Damage Excel File

I am a junior clerk in an organization where daily hundreds of tallying work is carried out. Excel, which is one of the mostly used spread sheet application in any organization was the one which we also used to calculate and arrange the data that we daily get. I was a new joiner and so first three months of joining was my training period and by that time itself I understood that my manager is expert professional man and so itself I managed to learn a lot of things related to excel and other applications from him. He was very strict in cases of completing and submitting data on time.

It Happened All In a Hurry

One day my manager was in a hurry and he need to rush to a meeting and before going he ordered me to submit all the up to date data i to him when he comes the next day. I was not at all worried as all the data was stored in the XLS file and as there was enough time I decide to make some modifications in the data and so for that only I attempt to open the file, but I was really astonished to see that when I tried to open the file an error message which states
"Microsoft Excel has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
What to say then, I was dumfounded to realize that I have to prepare all the tables and charts from the beginning as the Excel file in which I stored the whole data is now damaged, there was no time for me to analyze what is the cause of the corruption and my only aim was to read content from damage Excel file so that there will be no need to prepare the sheet all new.

Found Out the Right Way to Recover Damaged Excel File

As I realize that the damage happened because of my own ignorance and that I didn’t prepared a updated backup for the file, I start searching net to find out any solution and I came across the site of SysTools and I got information about the Excel Recovery tool from there and I decided to download the tool and trust me, you can believe it or not, but I was able to read content from the damage Excel file with ease by the help of the tool. And after the process of repair Excel file was completed I experienced reading file without interruption of error messages and I was relaxed that the excel sheet reader that I selected was the perfect one as no data alteration was seen or reported from any cell of XLS file. Thus I managed to complete my work on time and was able to submit the excel file before the manager that raised the impression that he had about me, which resulted in the recommendation by him for positive appraisal to me.